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Useful NPCs


Any Pokémon gifts are found on the Gift Pokémon page!



Hyper Trainer
Jubilife City
  • Located outside Jubilife Trainer School.
  • In exchange for one bottlecap, she can raise a Pokémon's IV to 31.
  • In exchange for one golden bottle cap, she can raise all six of a Pokémon's IVs to 31.
  • There are no story or level restrictions to using her services.
  • These boosts do not pass down when breeding.


Everlasting Candy
Jubilife Trainer School
  • Speak to Jan to receive our Everlasting Candy item:
    infinite rare candies that will obey our level caps.
    • (It's pronounced "Yan".)
  • Cheating is based.

Item Fanatic

Specialized Items
Floaroma Town
  • Bring him a Pokémon with a "signature" item, and he will give you one.
    • e.g., show him a Pikachu to receive a Light Ball.

Eterna Mint-Giver

Mints Galore
Eterna City Name-Rater House
  • Formerly the Eterna City Name Rater.
  • Show him Abras to unlock infinite mints of the matching color.
    • e.g., show him an Adamant Abra, and you will unlock all Atk+ Mints.
  • Abras can be found on Route 203. We recommend Arena Trap and the Poké Radar.
  • Mint-adjusted natures do not pass down when breeding.

Shady Merchant

Game Corner Overstock
Veilstone City
  • Located in the south of Veilstone City.
  • Sells overstock from the former Game Corner:
    Focus Sash, Zoom Lens, Wide Lens, Muscle Band, Wise Glasses,
    Metronome, Light Clay, Expert Belt, Life Orb, Toxic Orb,
    Flame Orb, Leftovers, Mental Herb, Power Herb, White Herb,
    King's Rock, Metal Coat, Deep Sea Tooth, Deep Sea Scale, TM64 (Explosion)


EV/EXP Trainer
Solaceon Daycare
  • Located inside the Solaceon Daycare.
  • Upon speaking to her for the first time, she will gift the player with a set of Power items.
  • Provides EV-training teams and various sets of Blissey teams to help boost your levels depending on your story progress.

Heart Scale Trader

Useful Items
Pastoria City
  • Formerly the Heart Scale Move Tutor.
  • Accepts Heart Scales for a variety of useful, Pokémon-raising items:
    • Ability Capsules, Ability Patches, Bottle Caps,
      Golden Bottle Caps, held-item EXP Shares, Mints.
  • Heart Scales can be dug up in the Grand Underground or stolen off of Luvdiscs.
  • Bottlecapped IVs or mint-adjusted natures do not pass down when breeding. Hidden Abilities from Ability Patches do pass down.

Badge Tutors

Powerful Skills
All Pokémon Centers
  • Found in any Pokémon Center.
  • Teaches new moves to your Pokémon based on what Badges you have acquired.
List of all moves by Badge.
  • Coal Badge: Snore, Bind, Helping Hand, Covet, After You, Bulldoze, Ally Switch, Air Cutter, Rollout.
  • Forest Badge: Electroweb, Worry Seed, Mud-Slap, Spikes, Dual Wingbeat, Laser Focus, Block, Self-Destruct, Fury Cutter
  • Relic Badge: Heal Bell, Spite, Uproar, Signal Beam, Stomping Tantrum, Gastro Acid, Synthesis, Ancient Power, Ominous Wind
  • Cobble Badge: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Iron Defense, Magic Room, Wonder Room, Magnet Rise, Seismic Toss, Dive
  • Fen Badge: Bounce, Sky Attack, Role Play, Tailwind, Zen Headbutt, Seed Bomb, Magic Coat, Pain Split, Swift
  • Mine Badge: Low Kick, Iron Head, Trick, Drill Run, Dual Chop, Scorching Sands, Aqua Tail, Vacuum Wave, Leech Life
  • Icicle Badge: Gravity, Power-Up Punch, Icy Wind, Heat Wave, Superpower, Knock Off, Draco Meteor, Sucker Punch, Zap Cannon
  • Beacon Badge: Last Resort, Endeavor, Liquidation, Foul Play, Super Fang, Outrage, Twister, Earth Power, Gunk Shot

Move Tutors

Powerful Skills
Route 212
  • Found in the house West of Pastoria City.
  • Teaches powerful moves to your Pokémon in exchange for visiting them.
List of all moves.
  • Left tutor: Dive, Air Cutter, Fire Punch, Fury Cutter, Ice Punch, Icy Wind, Knockoff, Ominous Wind, Sucker Punch, Trick, Thunder Punch, Vacuum Wave, Zen Headbutt.
  • Middle tutor: Helping Hand, Last Resort, Magnet Rise, Snore, Spite, Swift, Synthesis, Uproar
  • Right tutor: Ancient Power, Aqua Tail, Bounce, Earth Power, Endeaver, Gastro Acid, Gunk Shot, Heat Wave, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Mud-Slap, Outrage, Rollout, Seed Bomb, Signal Beam, Superpower, Twister

Static Resetter

Shiny-Hunting Ease
Pokémon League
  • A veteran found within the Pokémon League, to the right of the entrance.
  • Lets you release most static Pokémon encounters after capturing.
  • This allows you to catch everything in order to earn the Shiny Charm, then go back and hunt them at increased odds.
List of resettable encounters.
  • Stitched Gengar, Crystal Onix, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew
  • Spiky-eared Pichu, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh
  • Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys
  • Rotom, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Heatran, Regigigas, Manaphy (Egg)
  • Litwick, Tinkatuff
List of UNresettable encounters.
  • Mewtwo, Clone Pokémon, Celebi, Darkrai, Shaymin, Giratina, Arceus

TM Completionist

TM Collection
Pokémon League
  • An elderly woman found within the Pokémon League, to the left of the entrance.
  • This helpful madam will reward you with any TMs you don't have.
  • As TMs are infinite-use, you only ever need the single copy either from your journey or this NPC.