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· 3 min read
Team Luminescent

Hey Everyone! New build of 2.0. Here's what you need to know:

  • If you fuck up the install on hardware you'll lose your save. Please back them up.
  • Pikatwo (the clone Pikachu) in the last release was bugged, please release it.
  • This update breaks our compatibility with our PkHax-Luminescent branch. No ETA on when it will work again.
  • After a successful update, please visit a Pokémon Center and heal to update your save. Any bug reports and other help requests that have yet to do this will be ignored.

· 2 min read
Team Luminescent

Trainers, the time has come. We apologize it's taken so long, but this essentially took a full rebuild of the entire storyline of the game. There's barely a single place in the game that hasn't been re-scripted. Thank you all so much for your patience.