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Incense Burner & Regionals

Incense Burner

The Incense Burner is an entirely new item in Luminescent Platinum. Using it will allow you to encounter regional forms of Pokémon!

To acquire it in a new game, simply progress the story: you get it very, very early. If you are continuing a save from before 2.0.1 or later, please visit a Pokémon Center and heal to place it in your inventory.

Simply activate it from your key items, and certain encounter slots will be overwritten to allow for finding new regional forms. Activate it again to change flowers, or turn it off and restore the old encounter slots. This document contains all locations of regional forms, and the evolution page explains how to evolve them.

It does not matter which flower you pick in 2.0!
These choices are in preparation for the full National Dex update where they will determine which region's encounter table will activate. You will eventually get all of them by the Pokémon League.

Regional Pokémon

Currently, we only have regional forms for Pokémon that were already in the base BDSP's Pokédex. This means that there is Hisuian Typhlosion (gen 2) but not Hisuian Braviary (gen 5) because BDSP is based off of gen 4. This also relates to evolutions, so Mr Rime (pre-evo is gen 1) is in, but Basculegion (pre-evo is gen 5) is not.

For more information on the Pokémon that have special forms, any adjusted evolution methods, or their movesets, please see our pokédex documentation. Note that anything that evolves by knowing a move currently learns that move through level-up.