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Frequently Asked Questions

Luminescent FAQ

What is Luminescent Platinum?

Luminescent Platinum is an enhancement/difficulty mod for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, inspired heavily by Renegade Platinum by Drayano. It is a mod, but also a research project. Anything you see our mod doing will be open source and all methods shared with the public so that others can follow in our footsteps.

Wait, it doesn't work for Shining Pearl?

Not yet. Please be patient. Adding the necessary changes to make it also work on Shining Pearl would double our testing workload, and we're saving it until we're finished with 2.0 completely.

What's so special about it?

Check out the features page for details of all our features and adjustments!

Where do I download the mod?

The latest update is always available on our NexusMods page.

How do I install it?

Check our installation page.

Does PkHax work with this romhack?

Yes, although we have to use a custom branch. Please be aware of any limitations listed on the main page and always download from the releases link on the side.

And if I don't want to edit my save?

You don't have to. This mod gives an "infinite Rare Candies" item at the Trainer School, there's an EV trainer to fight in Solaceon Daycare, hyper-training is available in Jubilife and no longer level locked, and other sorts of editing can be attempted through use of Imposter's Ordeal.

When will the next version release?

When it's done. Don't ask us because we don't know either.

Are you gonna add [X]?

Maybe. Check the features page before asking, then check the discord. We reserve the right to reject any suggestions we don't feel would fit in the romhack. Arguing when/if we reject your suggestion (not explaining your side) will only lead to a warning.

Is there any way I can help with development?

Come apply in the discord. If we think you fit our needs, we may bring you on.

The mod doesn't work, what do I do?

If it doesn't properly apply, you have likely done something wrong. Double check your installation just to be sure, then visit the discord if you need further help.

Will you be adding new Pokemon? What about regional forms?

As of 2.0.2f, Luminescent Platinum includes Pokémon 1-493, their regional forms, and any associated evolutions. It also includes the Chandelure and Tinkaton lines as picked by our screenshot contest winners. Other Generation 5+ Pokémon will not be added until 3.0. See this page for more info.

How do I encounter regional Pokémon?

See Incense Burner & Regional Pokémon for further information.


No. Stop asking. We are researching how to properly implement them, but they're not planned for Lumi.

What about these cool things I saw on a video showcase?

Probably not. De-chibification, Z-moves, Terastalizing and anything else are not going to happen in Luminescent Platinum. Again, we research things in addition to adding stuff to our mod. Not everything we show off will become a feature so much as a place of inspiration for modders later.

Battle Frontier...?

Currently no, but because we don't have the understanding to do all that yet. We'd like to but for now it isn't happening.

What about Distortion World?

Maybe. A wonderful map has been made, but getting it to work in all of its mind-bending glory is going to take longer, and we will not hold back any future updates in the hopes of getting it ready. It'll be around when it's around.

What is 3.0 / Re:Illuminated?

That would be what was previously just called "Natdex". At launch, it will include all Pokémon up to Legends Arceus (full gen 8) with gen 9 coming later on. It will also include extra story, all fights redone to include the new 'mons, expanded legendary quests (3.1+) and many other quality of life features that we are unable to do with the backend used in 2.0F/Luminescent Platinum. Saves will not be compatible between 2.0 and 3.0 because of how we will be changing the backend engine adjustments.

I want to make my own romhack! Where can I learn how?

Definitely come check out our partnered server, Pokemon Switch Modding. We also welcome you to our Team Luminescent discord server, with a specific channel for these types of questions.

What is Affection? Will turning it off stop friendship evolutions?

Affection is the "[Pokémon] held on so you wouldn't be sad!" mechanic. It scales on the same number as friendship/happiness, but will not affect other mechanics related to friendship. This includes Sylveon's evolution, despite previous generations specifically being tied to the affection mechanic. It's friendship now.

What are the level caps throughout the game?

Level caps (an option you can turn on from any Pokémon Center PC) prevent you from going past the highest-leveled Pokémon of the next major fight. Those specific levels are as follow:

Roark: 16 / Mars: 19 / Gardenia: 26 / Fantina: 33 / Maylene: 39
Wake: 44 / Rival: 49 / Byron: 53 / Candice: 56 / Spear Pillar: 60 / Volkner: 62
Cynthia: 78 / Stark Mountain: 85 / Postgame: 100

Install FAQ

These are just some basic installation questions that we frequently get asked:

What version of the game do I need?

Currently, the game only works on 1.3.0 of Brilliant Diamond. We will support Shining Pearl in the future, but it is not worth adding that compatibility while the development is in progress.

How do I know it's working?

If you are starting a new game, the language select screen should have a gold background, and all languages except English should be crossed out. Make sure to double check that the EXP Share is off as soon as you have more than one Pokémon. If it isn't, you have a bad install. Once that's been done, you can turn EXP Share on if you so desire from the computer in a Pokémon Center.

If you have a currently running game, the Pokémon party screen should have extra options for nicknaming/changing moves of Pokémon. You can also try the EXP Share check.

What languages can I play in?

Only in English. Other languages are currently not supported for Luminescent Platinum. Running the game in any other language will result in crashes when trying to find our new text that, obviously, is not actually there.

We are not looking for translators at this time, as we are still constantly adding and tweaking text to all of our new features. We'll let all of you know when we have the script at a point we're comfortable calling "finalized" to be translated.

Do other mods work with Luminescent Platinum?

No. If you have other mods, your game may work, but we will offer no support if anything breaks. See this page for more info about what mods are packaged in.

What Switch Emulator should I use?

Ryujinx is the only current option that we support.

What about Yuzu?

Due to the shutdown of the Yuzu project and the surrounding circumstances, Team Luminescent will not be supporting the use of Yuzu going forward as it is no longer available nor should be distributed.

Can I play this on my Switch?

If it's modded, yes.

How do I mod my Switch?

We're not a Switch hacking group. First check to see if it's patched; if it is, you're out of luck. Don't tell us about it. If it's not, proceed to this homebrew installation guide.

Can you help me set up Ryujinx?

No. We can help you install Luminescent if you have read through everything and followed our instructions and it didn't work, but setting up the emulator is outside the scope of our assistance. Find their Discord server and ask for help there.