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Luminescent Platinum

Luminescent Platinum is a romhack for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond based on Drayano's Renegade Platinum. These documents are all about this mod; if you want to learn about ROM Hacking to make your own mod, check out the ROM Hacking tab and join the Discord.

Please see the sidebar for all of our various pages, including information on our unique features, the incense burner, regional Pokémon, special NPCs, unique Pokémon, item locations, and more!

We hope you enjoy our romhack!




  • Contains documents for all Pokémon currently obtainable in Luminescent Platinum. Stats, movesets, evolution methods, held items, etc. If you need information on individual Pokémon, this is the page you want to peruse!
  • Includes evolution methods for regional forms and Luminescent exclusives.
  • Balances are credit to Hudie and the balance team.

Pokémon Locations By Route

  • If you want to know what all Pokémon are on each route as you go, this document is for you. It lists all wild encounter locations in the game, and circumstances for Pokémon to spawn in.
  • You must make your own copy before it will work.
  • Made by Solarance.

Trainer Documentation

  • Use this document to see all trainer teams. Luminescent Platinum has four potential teams per Gym Leader and Rival fight, our document will help you stay ahead!
  • You must make your own copy on gdocs before it will work.
  • Made by Solarance.

Professor Oak Challenge Tracker

  • What's a "Professor Oak Challenge"? Why, it's catching everything possible as you go along to complete your Pokédex! This tracker helps you mark off when you've caught everything possible on a route before moving on, as well as tracking your full Pokédex at the bottom.
  • You must make your own copy before it will work.
  • Made by Astorious.

Randomization Guide

  • This guide has all the information necessary to randomize Luminescent Platinum! Please follow it step by step to ensure proper implementation. Further questions can be asked in our discord, or as comments to the article.
  • Made by DJ.

Luminescent Damage Calculator

  • This page allows you to calculate all your moves ahead of time, using Luminescent's specific stat changes versus Luminescent's specific fights!
  • Made by (all of) Denmark.
  • (Currently bugged and down for maintenance. No ETA on when it will be fixed.)


  • Luminescent's special PKHex branch. Please always back up your save before editing and read the github page to understand any current issues with the program.
  • Made by PrinceTalon.