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Pre-Packaged Mods


Many other mods do not work with Luminescent Platinum! If you install mods that don't work, you could risk breaking your game!

The following mods are already packaged in. To see what other features we include, please see our Features List under Technical Changes.

Sky-Battlen't 3.0Yisuno
Revamped Cameras for True Size+Fixed WailordYisuno
Faster BattlesEdgarska
HG/SS Following Style+Fixed Static AnimationsYisuno
No DoF Anywhere + No FXAAEdgarska"No DoF Anywhere" version
Underground Encounter FixAldo796

Compatible Mods

The following mods are optional, but compatible, with Luminescent Platinum as verified by our dev team. Please always be aware of what version of Luminescent you are running before adding a mod, and remember to mention these additions if you need help troubleshooting in our Discord.

Compatible ModsAuthorLumi VersionNotes
60fps and SpeedupProfBlack2.1FLumi includes the 1.15x 60fps version by default.
Colorful BikeinatorLeoparodo2.1F
Darker UI Lumifaospark2.1FContains different add-ons for preferences.
Easier Underground DiggingEdgarska2.0F
Eevee Hoodie StyleA Lime2.1F
EVless PatchDJ2.1FHas both a vanilla and Lumi version.
Hisui PokeballsProfBlack2.1F
Luminescent Platinum name and iconFlavvArouf2.1FOnly works on hardware.
No Bike OutfitDJ2.1F
Playstation Button SwapLeoparodo2.1F
Shinyn't EggsDJ2.1F
Xbox and Steam Deck Button SwapLeoparodo2.1F
Xbox UI OverhaulPixelguin2.1F

Overhaul Mods

These Overhaul mods aim to change large aspects of the game. Some of these may have their own Discord servers you can ask for support in, but don't ask for support for these mods in the Luminescent Team Discord. Some of the mods in the Compatible mods list may be compatible with these but some might not.

Overhaul ModsAuthorNotes
Coronet FormsTeam CoronetStandalone download - based on Lumi 2.1F